New frock designs for kids

:Indian kids clothing:

The Indian clothing patterns have changed a great deal from the days of the Harappan civilization. For a major part of the earlier centuries, cotton was the main ingredient in the clothes made in India. This is due to mainly the climatic conditions of the country. Even in the last century Indian men were always pictured wearing a dhoti and a kurta while the women were mainly visualized as wearing a sari - plain and simple. But gradually the use of silk became popular among Indian women.

In the post-colonial period Western trends were ushered in. The effect of the colonial British designs was found the most amongst the children, who immediately took to wearing half-pants! After independence the clothing trends gradually changed and men became more comfortable with the Western outfits. Then towards the end of the century the Western outfits also became popular among the women. And keeping up with the changing times kids’ fashion also changed.  

Here i want share some of the Indian frock patterns with little bit of western touch.



  1. do u sell any of these pattu langas or its just ur hobby to post them

  2. hi Soujanya,

    I really loved ur designs, would like to order few for Kiddo, How can i contact you.


  3. hi Soujanya,

    Can you please tell me your shop address...

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